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Keen to grow the Client Advisory side of your practice?

Fact: the traditional fee base from tax compliance work is falling

Fact: clients want more than just tax compliance from their accountants

Perhaps, you could take a few minutes to check out the Added Value Accounting programme and learn how it will provide your team with the tools and skills team to provide high value, forward-looking services to your clients.

Get the Job, do the Analysis, provide the Recommendations - Sounds simple enough…

So why does the research continue to show that clients are not getting the business improvement services they want from their accountants?


If, in your firm, it’s not possible to REPLICATE your advisory skill set through being able to confidently DELEGATE the advisory work to your team and ACCELERATE the analysis & reporting processes

You may not be taking on this PROFITABLE work, possibly even where you have identified a client need.

That’s where the Added Value Accounting programme comes in…

Get in touch here if you’re open to the idea of discovering what the Added Value Accounting programme can do for your TEAM

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