At Equilibrium We Engineer Business Sustainability

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  • Design

    We design reporting systems that provide decision-makers with the information they want & need. Systems should never limit the ability to make good decisions and to make them quickly.

  • Implement

    Efficient businesses and organisations don’t have spare capacity. We will get your new systems & processes up & running and then step aside to let you move forward. We step aside but never step away – we’re close at hand should you need more assistance..

  • Enable

    We believe that everyone has the ability to contribute – Finance & Administration departments can be given the opportunity to contribute to growth & performance improvement initiatives.

What We Do

Equilibrium is focused on improving Finance and Administration capacity in medium size businesses and community organisations. The prospect of improved rewards (financial and non-financial) for the client is the focus of everything we do, but not at the cost of undue risk.

We also share our systems, processes and methods to achieve this with others such as coaches, bookkeepers and accountants so that they can help their clients.

We do not provide tax administration or audit services but can refer you to accountants who do provide these services.

What Customers Say

I have no reservation in recommending Russell as a committed, capable, hands-on accountant that can operate at many levels in an organisation. He is personable but tenacious and can be relied upon to deliver what he promises.

Greg Eden
B.Comm, ACIS, IOD, ATAINZ, CPA NZ, Principle


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Who We Are

Russell is a seasoned accountant, experienced in preparing and analysing financial information and design & implementation of accounting systems in different sized organisations operating in diverse industries from both commercial and public sectors. Possesses the ability to negotiate fairly, build strong work relationships and operate well independently and in a team environment.

Russell Du PlessisHe has more than 7 years New Zealand, NFP, business, tax, legal and cultural experience, combined with strong business management and accounting experience in South Africa.

Russell owned/operated business in the following industries:
  • Healthcare Insurance Brokerage
  • Environmental Services
  • Consumable supplies
  • Retail - Mobile phone store